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Important Tips That You Need to Know About the Origin of Modern Pharmacies

At times you will never have a thought cross your mind as to where the medical drugs emanated from. What today is a pharmacy used to be called an apothecary in ancient times. At rare occasions you may find a pharmacy which markets itself as an apothecary. The word apothecary would be used to refer to someone who used to distribute drugs in the ancient times. A pharmacy is a modern word for an apothecary in the old times. The type of medicine an apothecary used to deal with was majorly herbal. You can click here for more to know more about the apothecary.

While a pharmacy deals with readymade drugs from a pharmaceutical industry, you learn that an apothecary used to be a distributor as well as a manufacturing industry for the same drugs they are distributing to their patients. Other than distributing, the apothecaries also manufactured the drugs that they distributed. In the old times when some of the illegal drugs such as tobacco were useful in treating some disease they were sold through the apothecaries.

Another major difference between a pharmacy and an apothecary is that an apothecary is more of a pharmaceutical industry. Unlike a pharmacy, an apothecary had the ability to blend drugs according to how a doctor wants them. Also the apothecary would pose as a doctor or a surgeon or even a psychiatrist and diagnose any kind of patient and thereafter prescribe some drugs for them. The apothecaries also provided some drugs that require an expert for them to be manufactured such as alcohol. The modern-day pharmacies are what replaced the ancient apothecaries.

When you read more now you get to learn that, unlike pharmacies, apothecaries used to treat any kind of diseases as well as offer prescription. According to this site you also learn more now since apothecary is the root from which the idea of these pharmacies came from. With increasing patient’s needs the modern pharmacies replaced the apothecaries. Check it out in the ancient books that explains the industry of apothecary for more info to realize that before the pharmacies become into existence, the apothecaries are the one who used to provide medicine to doctors all over the world. The pharmacies that we have today are as a result of the ancient apothecary.

Unlike the modern medical industry, the apothecary’s raw materials for the making of the drugs were purely herbal. As a result, there were very limited side effects since they used natural herbs to manufacture the kind of drugs that they used to dispense to their patients. With improved materials to manufacturing the drugs, there was an increase in the number of drugs that were manufactured. Also an apothecary used to have direct contact with a patient as they used to deliver the drugs at the patients doorstep. A a patient has to go see a doctor in the modern world or go to the pharmacy to get drugs. This page provides you with information about the emergence of the modern pharmacies.